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Kaffeehaus Köhler


Auf dieser Seite haben wir für Sie alle Informationen zum Eintrag Kaffeehaus Köhler aus der Kategorie Restaurant in Altstadt zusammen getragen. Unten finden Sie die Anschrift, Details und den Stadtplan mit der genauen Wegbeschreibung.

Köhler?s sweet world is top notch! It is a mini break right in the city! Kaffeehaus Köhler, which is on Leiterstraße, takes its guests on a journey to try out the world of (sweet) culinary delights. There are tempting freshly-made chocolates, quality biscuits, more than 30 different pies and cakes, ice cream creations and select coffees. The goodies are prepared by an expert in the showroom bakery. Yet there is more to the wine selection than meets the eye. Yes, quality rather than quantity? This was the spirit in which music professor Monika Köhler opened her coffee house in 2006. Monika is passionate about offering more than just pleasure for the spoilt palate. She treats her guests to music and concerts. Incidentally, Kaffeehaus Köhler can also be booked for private parties and office parties - for brunch, lunch, afternoon coffee or dinner.

Anschrift: Kaffeehaus Köhler

Kaffeehaus Köhler
Leiterstraße 3
39104 Magdeburg

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Telefon:+49 3915355987